Monday, 1 November 2010


Oh no i've been a layzeee beee.
Well you see the problem is that i don't have a scanner, and i have got lots of work, but no way of presenting it online here.
So anyway, I had a lovely chilled out hallow's eve watching films and making food. I've been a poorly kitty with swollen glands so i have also been super boring... sitting inside drawing, making food, and watching movies.

Anyway, here's my first animation walk cycle (i've just finished), it's definitely not perfect but it's somethin'
:) and also some pictures of our halloween night in.

p.s. we went to the ritzy to watch a swedish film called 'Let the Right One In' (in the most amazing cinema seats i've ever sat in)
It was saaaad, charming, and involved attacking cats how perfect!

We're ghosts

The pumpkin kinggg <3

Cat People <3

Our streeeeeeet makes me happy in Autumn. Autumn makes me happpyyyy!! ^_^

Some HORRIBLE food!



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  1. This reminds me of the vampire game again! Let The Right One in is wonderful though, I love it.